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“Heart does control our hands and it will reflect in the bread we made as well”.

The phrase our bakers need to recapture and remember in every morning of their works. We greatly believe that a good heartmade can be transferred to make a good food and drink as well. Beside a good heart and soul that is essential to food preparation. Good selection of natural ingredients is also subject not to be missed. That is why we use to serve our guest organic bread milk and a vegatable from our roof top farm. We try our best to support the farmer who grow organic food too


Our lunch menu is guarantee to boost up the vitallity of exhausted city explorer. Ranging from tasty fruit smoothies of dozen menus, home-made waffle ans cakes, delicious ice-cream, nutritious salad dishes, or even a Thai A-la-carte can also be served. Try  some herbal tea sip; it can also get you through the rest of the day

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