Very nice atmosphere : Family friendly vintage guest house in Old Bangkok

Very nice atmosphere

by PN guests :) on 05/29/13

This is the first hotel that we stayed in Thailand. We arrived at night and it took some time by taxi as the taxi driver didn't know the location of the hotel. It is in the middle of rather narrow alley. We went in the street, but couldn't find the hotel at first. The taxi driver asked someone, and it was actually right there on the corner. We laughed. 

When we went into the entrance, we could feel straight away that we liked this place. 

The rooms has got kind of olden days feel, nostalgic something like that. In our room, we used the CD player and even the CD player was kind of old style. The quiet and soft music also had old South East Asian feel. I don't even know what South East Asian feel, but I felt that way, anyway. (Maybe from movies...) 

The staff, service, food, massage, free small gift, the shop, dining area everything was fine.

In the morning, we went to catch a boat and we passed a market. It was all interesting. Getting the boat to go to the inner city was not difficult at all. I recommend the boat trip.

However, If I travel alone (middle aged woman), I would have to make sure I know where to get off at night. Or I might be put off coming back after dark or going out at night at all because it seems taxi drivers do not know the place. 

Other than this, it was all good. The price seems to be a bit higher compared to other places with similar price bracket. However, this place has got this distinctive atmosphere and it was very nice.