Unexpected highlight of our trip : Family friendly vintage guest house in Old Bangkok

Unexpected highlight of our trip

by PN guests :) on 02/27/13

Stayed here with my wife 6 days total (2 stays, 3 days each) during our Bangkok, Phuket, and Angkor Wat, Cambodia vacation. We returned home 2 weeks ago and looking back, our time at PN was definitly one of those pleasant surprises that you talk about later on. We've stayed at larger chain hotels and can't really remember one from the other. There's enough reviews on here describing the details and plenty of pictures to check out so I'll just say that although my wife and I are not hippies or vegetarians (I lovingly called this place our "little hippie commune hotel") we loved the ambience of PN! The staff was friendly and helpfull, breakfast was great, location was a short walk to the river taxi which was our prefered way to get to the temples and grand palace. For those contemplating staying at a large chain hotel - stay somewhere different. You'll remember this place and smile.