They have a style. : Family friendly vintage guest house in Old Bangkok

They have a style.

by PN guests :) on 06/14/13

Are you looking for alternative stay in BKK? Are you boring global standard hotels? Do you like arts and hand-crafts in lovely style? And are you interested in green and organic life style?
If "yes" you have more than 3, why not to book Phra-Nakorn Norn-Len Hotel?
Every corner of this B&B is photogenic. It's full of the delight of discovery. They have their own style. If you've seen Japanese movie "Always - Sunset on Third Street" or Thai movie "Fan chan", you can understand easily the world according to them. Artistic, nostalgic, exotic, warm feeling, girly, organic, and family friendly. Especially, food and beverages are fine. 
The accommodation fee is not inexpensive for average B&B in BKK, but you can experience something out of ordinary, and probably it's priceless. Enjoy your alternative life in PN!