Second Visit and STILL Amazing! : Family friendly vintage guest house in Old Bangkok
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Second Visit and STILL Amazing!

by PN guests :) on 02/07/13

I stayed at PN in 2009 and was delighted to return again. I arrived from Chiang Mai after a 15 hour train ride, and even though it was early (7.30am) and my room wasn't ready, Naam was so kind to allow me to check in and take a shower before storing my luggage. 

The room I was given at PN was very clean and I was delighted to note that the same laidback atmosphere that PN exudes is still there. I slept so well! 

PN also has a larger shop now (it was much smaller back in 2009), producing their brand of spa products. I was given a complimentary soap and lemongrass balm, the latter an excellent insect repellent - a real, high quality product that deserves a mention. Their products also make excellent gifts. 

I felt so welcomed and happy to stay here, even though it was only for an overnight trip. Before I left for Don Muang airport the following morning, I was even given a bottle of cold water to bring along for my journey. After arriving home, I received an e mail notifying me that I had left my phone charger behind, and the staff were offering to mail it back to me. Personal touches like these are precisely what makes PN my absolute favourite place to stay in Thailand. 

Khab koon kaa, PN! I will return again :)

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