Not For Everyone But We LOVED It : Family friendly vintage guest house in Old Bangkok

Not For Everyone But We LOVED It

by PN guests :) on 11/26/13

The Phra-Nakorn Norn-Len is not your typical hotel. In fact, it isn't even your typical hostel. You are not going to get all the amenities of home here, however, you are going to get a friendly and helpful staff, a building and rooms that are older but which have great decor, and a very relaxing atmosphere.

We had trouble getting to the hotel when our taxi driver dropped us at the wrong Phranakorn, about 3 km away. Make sure you have an address before trying to take a taxi! Because we had taken an overnight train to Bangkok, we arrived before 0800. It was obviously well before the check-in time, however, the staff secured our luggage for us, got us some tea, gave us the wi-fi password, and then brought us to the "living room" while they went to work figuring something out. 30 minutes later, they came back and brought us up to a room. Needless to say, we were impressed.

I understand the decor in each of the rooms are different, however, if they are all as great as our room they are outstanding! The hotel is old so, rather than try to give a facelift to an old building, they used it to their advantage with their vintage style decor. Really, they have done a great job; when you first enter it almost feels like you are walking into a museum and that carries through into the rooms.

The rooms themselves are not large but they are plenty adequate. If you planned to burn your vacation in your room in front of the TV this is not the place for you. There is no TV and there is no refrigerator. Instead, there is a CD player and a ceiling fan. Don't worry, A/C is included as well. The bathroom is a typical Asian bathroom with the shower head on the wall next to the toilet. It is not my favorite but I have found this to be the non-chain hotel standard in Asia. The hot water is not and there is a soap and shampoo dispenser. The beds are, in typical Asian style, a little firm but we slept well.

In the evening, when we got back from our explorations for the day, we found a tray of tea and hot water in a thermous waiting for us in our room. needless to say, we were pleasently surprised. When it was time to check out we were once again impressed by the staff. We had to catch a 0555 train so they arranged a 0500 taxi for us and made sure we would be able to check out that early in the morning. They also arranged to have sandwiches made so we could bring breakfast along with us.

I want to reiterate that this isn't everyone's cup of tea, but for those who would enjoy the experience and are willing to pay a little more than your average hostel it is truly a great hotel to stay at.