In Bangkok with kids? Look no further. : Family friendly vintage guest house in Old Bangkok

In Bangkok with kids? Look no further.

by PN guests :) on 03/16/13

Bangkok can be great for families with small kids. Especially if you're staying in PN, which offers an oasis in the bustling city, with lots of room for the kids to play, including a room full of toys and a sandbox. They will meet other kids here, and play right across the language barriers because the place invites them to. Don't ask me why or how, but it does. You will enjoy the city more with this place as a starting point. Spend the bit of extra money, you will not regret it.

PN has the best communal areas that you could wish for in a guesthouse with a perfectly relaxed atmosphere and all facilities you might want. It has a limited menu of wonderful dishes and smoothies to die for. The rooms are not large, but exactly good enough - we had a twin room for two adults and two small kids and it fit wonderfully. 

They do it all perfectly. Service is wonderful, personal, from the welcome sign with your first name on it to guiding you to midnight taxis to the airport. The details are just right, including ice cubes made of the drink they are put in, so your juice isn't diluted as the ice melts. Even the smell is right. Coming back after a day in the city, you will smell the phranakorn smell just before you enter the grounds, and feel at home.

Probably, this is the best place to go without kids as well. But I was here with my family and I know it was perfect for us - and the other families we met, through the children. So go here, and book early because it is no longer a secret.