I will return to Bangkok because of this place! : Family friendly vintage guest house in Old Bangkok

I will return to Bangkok because of this place!

by PN guests :) on 02/01/13

My first destination upon landing was to my hotel in the Old Bangkok district. This small boutique hotel hidden down a scrappy alleyway resulted in getting lost and worrying my cab driver who questioned and mocked my choice in hotels. Being my first time in Asia, this response heightened my anxiety and doubted my online purchasing decision. 

However, the second I passed through the bizarre locked and gated entryway of the Phra-Nakorn (PN) hotel I was immediately engulfed in a colorful hideaway of delight, choc-full of glorious colors, painted butterflies, birdhouses, trickling streams, dense trees and vintage nicknacks everywhere I looked. The food was scrumptious and the staff endearing and happy go lucky. I wondered if I would ever leave again. 

The hotel motto is to celebrate a slow life in this sanctuary from the hectic noise, smells and chaos that is Bangkok. Certainly a nice respite after a 24 hour flight. But despite my exhaustion, my exploration kicked in. I could not help but scope out the 4 story hotel, including a courtyard dining space, a sewing room, a shop filled with organic treats, and my favorite, the rooftop gardens and cafe with real live bunnies and an outstanding view of the Standing Buddha lit up in glorious gold at night with the sunsetting beyond.

I have arrived!