Grew to love this funky hotel : Family friendly vintage guest house in Old Bangkok

Grew to love this funky hotel

by PN guests :) on 03/16/13

This was our final hotel in a 3-week, 3-country adventure. My first impression of the hotel was honestly, not all that positive. It had been so highly reviewed, but the linoleum on the upper floors reminded me of my elementary school from, yes 50 years ago! Our room could've used a coat of paint. The bed (as others have noted) really was very hard. And we had a small infestation of ants in our bathroom. Oh -- and not only was there no safe in the room, but it looked like simply leaning against our door would allow easy access.

Having said the negatives, we grew to love this hotel. It became one of our favorites on the entire trip. The common spaces downstairs are a delight. We loved watching the families with small children. We loved having a place to sit with a cup of cappuccino or a beer. We chatted with other guests and actually met a woman traveling solo, with whom we hung out for a day and will be visiting when we travel to Turkey. The young staff was so nice and so helpful. Being able to do a load of laundry was much appreciated. And I enjoyed the massage right there in the hotel! We were able to walk or river taxi to nearly everything we wanted to do. We were truly sorry to leave. This hotel is a great value -- looking at prices for other Bangkok hotels, I am so glad we did not book a pricey hotel in the newer section of the city. As long as you are not expecting the Hyatt, we highly recommend this hotel!