Eco heaven! : Family friendly vintage guest house in Old Bangkok

Eco heaven!

by PN guests :) on 07/28/14

What a wonderful place! Totally unique. Tucked away on a little street, the entrance was so small I would have missed it if I hadn't looked it up on Google street-view first. In Bangkok this is a desirable thing! Well if you seek peace, quiet, and relaxation like my partner and I. Once you get in there is a beautiful charm to the place. A blast of retro awesomeness. Old televisions, cameras and toys on the walls. A lovely garden to relax in. Are those rabbits?
Was that a barber chair? Yep!
The room was very cute. I was so thankful for the air-con. Bangkok is hot! The artwork on the walls made it feel different to every other room and the bed was the most comfortable we stayed in during our trip. Since it was the first place we stayed in on the trip I missed that bed.
I didn't go into the other rooms but I just assume they all had their own touch. I wanted to see them all. Breakfasts were vegetarian. I am vegetarian. The guy sitting at the side making the juice from scratch had charm. Yes charm is the word. Will be back next year.