An enchanted oasis in a sea of chaos : Family friendly vintage guest house in Old Bangkok

An enchanted oasis in a sea of chaos

by PN guests :) on 01/07/13

Simply brialliant, in every way imagineable. This hotel would rate as one of the best I have ever stayed in, for so many reasons: the staff are friendly and will do all possible to help, the gardens are lush and inviting, the rooms are basic yet have all you need, the guests are friendly, the rooftop has fantastic views, and above all the hotel has a certain feel to it that won't be found in your more 'normal' style hotels.

Yes the hotel is a little out of town, but taxis and tuk-tuks are very cheap. Unfortunately there's no pool, but they will fill a kids pool if you have young ones. And yes, it's not overly flash. But for a truly unique BKK experience, Phra-Nakorn Norn-Len, is definitely worth a few nights. This is particularly true for those people travelling with kids. The staff lavish attention on the kids, which is nice, because Bangkok can be a hard, overwhelming experience for little ones.