Amazing! Relaxing haven in busy Bangkok! : Family friendly vintage guest house in Old Bangkok

Amazing! Relaxing haven in busy Bangkok!

by PN guests :) on 12/19/13

We stayed here at the end of our trip having spent a couple of days elsewhere at the beginning. Lucky we had already been to Bangkok as out taxi from the airport refused to put the meter on and insisted it was too busy to get to Phra-Nakorn Norn-Len due to the protests so tried to take us to another hotel (even though we'd booked PK!) so we abandoned said taxi, flagged down another and were there in 20mins on the meter. Maybe the first didn't know where it was (even though we had a map) but for whatever reason he didn't want to take us so once we did arrive, the welcome we received was all the more appreciated! 

Personal welcome on the notice board, refreshing drink, help to our room where chilled music was already playing. It's exactly as the pictures show - beautifully quirky! We ate at the hotel both nights as it was lovely home cooked food (and cheap) with a view over the city. 

Would definitely stay here again if visiting Bangkok, the staff couldn't be more welcoming and friendly. 

Take a leaflet from reception which has Thai instructions and if a cabbie tells you it's too busy etc just hop out and find another!