A Home Away From Home : Family friendly vintage guest house in Old Bangkok

A Home Away From Home

by PN guests :) on 08/30/12

I can get cracking with telling you how fantastic the hotel was. The hospitality and service of the hotel was second to none. When you arrive, you receive a lovely cold towel and drink to freshen up. Check-in was relatively smooth and they gave us some lovely complimentary vouchers to use in the hotel, which we did of course.

They cater really well for children as they have a lovely play area for them, something you wouldn't really get with the bigger chain hotels. There is also a lovely area for eating breakfast, lunch and dinner and just generally relaxing, which is what we did a lot of. The food is great (the garlic bread is the best we've tasted) and you must try the smoothies as they are to die for! Make sure you also go up to the Terrace as they serve delicious organic herb cocktails in the evening.

Another great thing about the hotel is that they are very unique and have a lot of things going on. If you get time and are there on the days they hold workshops, I would thoroughly recommend doing the soap making and book binding course. I have come away with some great home made gifts and learnt a new skill. You would also be mad not to book in for a Thai Massage as they are fantastic as well. My husband came back after his and said it was great, something he doesn't say very often which made me think he must have had a good massage.

The rooms are an adequate size and considering you are not spending every minute in them, I wouldn't get worked up if you think they are small. You're only there to rest your head for your next adventure in the city. You must sit and admire the artwork through, not just in your room but throughout the hotel as it's just amazing. As I mentioned earlier, the hotel is located in a quieter area of Bangkok which we really liked. There is a 7/11 store at the end of the road and if you come out of the hotel, turn left and then left again, cross the main road and carry on walking with the river to your right, you end up at Thewet Pier. Here you can catch the River Boats to get to the tourist locations.

So, all in all, this was a great visit, fantastic hotel which I would go back to time and time again. If you're staying in this hotel and just reading the reviews before you go, have a wonderful time. If you're still debating whether to book this hotel, go for it, you won't be disappointed.