3 years later, still the best place ever! : Family friendly vintage guest house in Old Bangkok

3 years later, still the best place ever!

by PN guests :) on 09/22/13

We went there 3 years ago and found this place just perfect. When we meant perfect, we meant perfect according to our criteria, which still explains why there are below 'excellent' grades to this place (which still baffles me...). And our best argument this time is just that we came back. I must state that we are not lazy people, i.e we did not came back here just because we knew it! We spent a month in Thailand this time, landed in Bangkok and booked 5 days there, went to Cambodia, then came back to Bangkok, and booked one night there, then did a round trip in Thailand, and came back to Bangkok before living, and booked, again, 3 days there.
For people who need more specific details : the whole crew is very kind and helpful and is always ready to help whatever you ask for (provided they can do something about it!), breakfast is delicious, rooms are clean and comfortable, the place is very nice and original.