For a start, organic dairy products simply taste better. Unlike conventional dairy farms, our organic dairy farms provide the perfect environment for a cow’s mental and physical wellbeing. The wide, lush pastures provide our cows with not only grass, the all-natural, nutritious staple of their diet, but also the space they need to live free, healthy, happy lives. In such an environment, provide with the space they need and the diet they have evolved specifically to eat, many of the health problems that plague factory cows jam-packed into industrial compounds seizes to be issue, eliminating completely the need for excessive food supplements and pre-emptive antibiotics that could potentially make their way into our food and, consequently, our bodies.
Sick cows that must absolutely be treated with antibiotics are separated from the milking herd until the drugs have passed completely out of their system to avoid contamination. Not force under duress to meet their maximum production everyday like mere milk producing machines, our cows walk themselves into their milking stalls at milking time and gladly provide us with their rich, wholesome milk. Furthermore, not only is organic better for you, your loved ones and the cows, it is also better for the environment. By eliminating the use of toxic chemical pesticides and herbicides, we ensure that our farmlands remain an intrinsic part of the surrounding ecosystem, providing a home for the various animals and plants indispensable to the health of the land, and, of course, the families that live and work on it.