" Our veg suppliers
from fresh market "
Eggs quality
-Free Range
-No Antibiotics
-No Artificial or Growth HORMONE
-Our Feeds are Free from Toxic Agricultural Chemical
-No Artificial Color (Chlorophyllred)
-No Bird Flu Vaccine
-100% Genuinely Natural and Healthy- Lower Cholesterol levels than Caged Eggs and More Nutritious than Caged Eggs- in Vitamin E, Beta Carotene and Omega 3
Natural & Premium Food Company Limited

They are strongly  advocates treating the animal right.

They believe caging hens, allowing only the Mother Chickens’ heads to peck on the feed and minimal movement is not natural. They believe this is torturing hens.

They don’t turn artificial light all day and night for hens to wake up all the time to peck feeds in order to increase egg productivity. They believe this is torturing hens.

They raise hens and treat hens as if hens were their children - allowing hens to be strong & healthy naturally - to be happy for the span of time they have. Sometimes their hens sing, argue and play amongst each other.
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