Work shop
Soap Carving
This work require fine craftsmanship, a delicate work and perseverance. Within this workshop, guest will learn to do one pattern of soap carving.
Duration 3 hrs.
Every Tuesday start from 2 pm

Chemicals are the building blocks of life. They are present in us, all around us, and in every product we buy. Learn how to make a neutral home made soap bar with professional.
Duration 3 hrs.
Every Monday from 2 pm

Soap Making
Thai Cooking class
The course will include short walk to fresh market, ingredient selection and buying, and making of chilli paste for the well known soup- Tom Kha Gai. Workshop
Duration 3 hrs.
Every Wednesday and Thursday from 2 pm

Sewing class
Sewing is about Uniting, the way you use your eyes, hands, feet, and feeling. Let your body feel the machine and listen to the paddle sing. You will learn how to make pillow, bag or fisherman pant (fabric is not include).
Duration 3 hrs.
Every Friday from 2 pm