Phra-Nakorn is super friendly : Family friendly vintage guest house in Old Bangkok
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If you're looking for a nice place to stay in Bangkok, or searching for a Bangkok Boutique Hotel, there are so many choices that it may be hard for you to decide among them. If your focus is not big chain hotels, but smaller, charming, vintage, kids friendly or “green” hotels that offer unique decor, delicious breakfast and attentive services, as well as a good value, Phranakorn Nornlen is an option you should consider. We are a small hotel situated within the Old Bangkok district, near the Grand Palace, Reclining Buddha, Khaosan Road, China Town and the river shuttle stop at Thewet Pier.
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Phra-Nakorn is super friendly

by PN guests :) on 01/18/14

We started our 3-week tour of Southeast Asia at the Pra-Nakorn and it set the right tone for our trip. It's a full-service, but no-frills B&B in the heart of the old quarter of Bangkok within walking distance of one of the main ferry stations travelling up & down the river. The staff were extremely helpful and friendly. The food was quite good (and we're picky about quality, although we'll eat anything). The restaurant/terrace at the top of the Phra-Nakorn was a lovely setting. They seem to really care about their guests' comfort and well-being without being overly solicitous, which was the case in some of the other places we stayed at.

The only advice we have for the Phra-Nakorn, which has nothing to do with the B&B itself is to provide a tip sheet on common scams in Bangkok. We discovered too late that there are rather sophisticated fraudster networks in Bangkok preying on unsuspecting tourists -- and we're pretty well travelled. 

All in all, we unreservedly recommend the Phra-Nakorn. Although we didn't travel with children, many of the other guests were younger than us and had young kids with them. The Phra-Nakorn was well set up to keep them amused.


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