one of the most delightful places i have ever stayed at... : Family friendly vintage guest house in Old Bangkok
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If you're looking for a nice place to stay in Bangkok, or searching for a Bangkok Boutique Hotel, there are so many choices that it may be hard for you to decide among them. If your focus is not big chain hotels, but smaller, charming, vintage, kids friendly or “green” hotels that offer unique decor, delicious breakfast and attentive services, as well as a good value, Phranakorn Nornlen is an option you should consider. We are a small hotel situated within the Old Bangkok district, near the Grand Palace, Reclining Buddha, Khaosan Road, China Town and the river shuttle stop at Thewet Pier.
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one of the most delightful places i have ever stayed at...

by PN guests :) on 05/24/12

its a mix of cute, convenient, sensible, smart, practical, charming, earthy, natural, quirky... and all the other words i could fit in... people were smiling at each other as they walked around.. so felt like everyone's been there for a long time!
its quaint but not so quaint that you feel you walked into a museum - they seem to have the balance perfect, at least for us!

there are small touches that make this experience lovely... starting from the map drawn behind the reception.. helps you get an instant perspective of where you are like no other map! the tiny mosquito repellant cream that they give you... the warning note to tell you NOT to steal the bathroom toiletries, but buy some if you liked it! :D

the location is good... its close enough to warrant a short walk to the old city of bangkok... and its tucked away in a lane, so very quiet. there is no view. but given the heat, the airconditioner would be turned on throughout! the service is very good... everyone friendly and go out of their way to help you... there is a shop with a lot of cute souvenirs which make for a good last minute purchase.

the massage was just ok... not exceptional as one would expect from a thai masseuse.

the rooms are basic, but cutely done up. with quaint furniture, archaic door knobs... walk down the corridors and look at all the wall murals... and chairs that seem to hang around the corners...

the bathroom is neat and clean. the wash basin is wonderful - an old wooden bucket... the food is tasty and you if you go in summer and lovely mangoes. the mango smoothie is a MUST do... after we had checked out, we went back for one!

there is a natural feel to the place... like its mushroomed out of that place... has always been there... so dont go here if you want large spacious rooms, with huge bathrooms and a tub... go there if you want a quiet, personal experience...


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